How did we help an organization known only to doctors and researchers raise awareness among consumers and potential donors?


For more than 25 years, the Cardiac Research Foundation (CRF) had done amazing work to advance the science of cardiovascular medicine, but their work was known only to doctors and researchers. CRF wanted to raise to awareness with the general public and appeal to potential donors. Through focus group research we found that CRF’s brand strength stemmed from helping people to overcome and continue to live their lives in the face of heart disease – as apposed to stamping it out or preventing it like other organizations (i.e. AHA). This insight led to a complete brand re-design with the campaign through line: Defy family history. Defy the odds. Defy convention. “Defy heart disease.”

Campaign Elements: Brand identity, mission and tagline, logo, website redesign, adcepts, consumer/donor research.

Campaign Performance:

The campaign and identity platform were well received by doctors, researchers and the CRF board. The new logo and website will be unveiled with the opening of their new offices in the Fall of 2016. The tagline “Defy Heart Disease” is currently in use on all fundraising materials and white papers.