How did we help French dairy farmers encourage American’s to eat more French cheese?


Cniel wanted a campaign that would increase the consumption of French cheese in the U.S., but without using the words “French” or “France” due to EU regulations. Our campaign, with the tagline, “Make it Magnifique,” tapped into a simple and honest truth: add French cheese to any dish, recipe or occasion and it goes from “good to great to magnifique.” At the center of the campaign was the ultimate cheese lovers website,, Additionally, we employed the help of five Top Chefs to create more than 31, documentary-style, 2-minute recipe videos.

Campaign Elements: TV commercials, pre-roll, online ads, multimedia website, cheese pairing mobile app, print, recipe development, 30 Top Chef video recipes, sharable FB and Instagram videos, social media, recipe booklet & collateral, celebrity chef appearances, pop-up stores, 1000+ in-store trials/year nationally, PR & blogger outreach, advertorials.

Campaign Performance:

In an independent study conducted by BVI on behalf of the European Union:

  • 96% liked our campaign very much
  • 93% thought the campaign was original & contemporary
  • 85% made me want to taste
  • 84% made me want to buy
  • 92% made me want to cook the recipes
  • 93% recalled the brand and tagline “Make it Magnifique”
  • 98% said the campaign improved their opinion of French cheeses
  • 82% I will visit the website
  • 67% I will download the app

BVI’s Conclusion: “The campaign is deemed a success and captivated the target perfectly.”

Additionally, website traffic quadrupled to more than 1,500 new visitors per day on the days when our TV commercials aired. Visitors to the website spent an average of 2:21 on the site viewing recipes or recipe videos. Email users from our database opened our newsletters 24% of the time (15% above the “food related email” standard). The campaign generated over 78,000 Facebook likes (up from 20,000).